10 Things Nobody Told Me About Having Two Kids

10 Things

Someone once told me “one is one, but 2 is 20”.

I had no idea how true that statement would be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my kids are the best thing that ever happened to me and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Sometimes though, they know exactly how to tap dance on my last nerve!

Here’s a couple of things that I found out changed with having 2 kids:

1. You Can't Leave The House Quickly...Ever.

Say goodbye to the days where you and your blissfully unaware husband could just get up and go on a spur of the moment adventure. Now, you’ll need to get both of the kids dressed and ready (twice due to the inevitable blowout right before you walk out of the door.), pack your diaper bag, get everyone in the car, rush back in the house for something you forgot to pack, then head out for your adventure.

And don’t forget to make a stop on the way to buy whatever you STILL forgot to pack in the d**n diaper bag.

2. Health Insurance Costs

Remember the pennies on a dollar you were paying for single or married couple health insurance? Well get ready to pay a small mortgage on making sure your kids stay alive. Gotta love this one!

3. Your Toddler Won't Eat Anything But Chocolate And French Fries

And guess what? Monkey see, monkey do. Inevitably, their younger sibling is gonna wanna do the same thing. 

4. You Get To Share Everything You Eat

The keyword here is “get to”. As in your kids think they are doing you a favor by ravaging whatever delicious meal you have just settled down to enjoy. Also, fun fact, if you get them the same thing you’re eating on their own plate, they will not eat it.

Trust me.

5. They Will Fight Like Cats And Dogs

I have a two year old and an 11 month old, and I’m already wondering what I got myself into.

My oldest loves to snatch things from her younger sister for no reason at all! I gotta give it to her sister though, she ain’t no punk. 

On the plus side, watching two people argue, when one of them can’t talk is pure comedy. 

6. Sleep? Who Is She?

At this point, I’ve just accepted that I can survive with little to no sleep. These bags under my eyes are Chanel, honey.

7. Endless Kid Shows

Are you a fan of Moana? Well you better hope to God you are, because after the trillionth time hearing The Rock sing “You’re Welcome” you’ll be ready to pull your hair out. 

8. That Perfectly Curated Home Decor? Out The Window

I find myself asking on a daily basis, “how many toys do these dang kids have?” There’s baby dolls on the couch. 

9. Quiet Phone Calls Are A Thing Of The Past

I think my kids have a radar that tells them the moment I answer my phone. They can be as quiet as church mice, but once I say “hello” all hell breaks loose.

kids taking a photo

10. You'll Have Double The Love

I thought that I had experienced all the love I had to give with one child, but it feels like it’s doubled in size! I’d literally do anything for my girls, and I thank God for blessing me with them!

Let me know in the comments if there’s anything I missed! How do you like having two kids? Is it easier or harder than having one?

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  1. I’m getting ready to have my 2nd baby in August and this is life, lol. I already deal with a lot these with my toddler, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.

  2. Oh mama how true this is! I have two as well and they give me a run for my money! Good thing they are so cute!

  3. These things are true. I have three kids now, but had two for ten years. Once the youngest is potty trained getting out of the house will be so much easier mama. You will start getting more sleep too, I promise.

  4. So spot on!! My mom always lovingly reminds me, when we are on the phone and the kids are screaming, that I did the same thing too like clockwork whenever she made a call.

  5. Oh my goodness you’ve just made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! This is all so so true…and let me tell you…IT DOESN’T REALLY CHANGE!!! bwhahahahaha…Mine are 14 and 10…and the scary part is that I sooooooo want another one! Draining as hell but goodness me it’s all so worth it!

  6. The fighting like cats and dogs. Yes. My two oldest are 17 months apart and they’ll have knock down drag out fights at times.

  7. Lol. You’ve nailed it mama! It is definitely a crazy good ride with two in the house. As a mama of two, it’s gets better as they get a little older.

  8. Love this, all so true! And love all the pics of your kiddos, can see their adorable, bright personalities through the pics!

  9. this just majorly warmed my heart – and made me laugh haha! I’m due with baby #2 any day now, so either this makes me completely terrified of what I’m getting myself into, or just really excited for the rollercoaster ahead ?! xox

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