10 Ways To Tire Your Kids Out During A Quarantine! (Or When You Just Have Ish To Do.)

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Y’all. Miss Rona is about to wear me out.

I currently have a two-and-a-half year old and an almost nine month old with some severe cabin fever. Not even including me and my husband, who’s working from home. Matter of fact, I take that back. I’m stuck in the house with THREE children.

If I was going to have any sanity left after this pandemic goes on it’s merry way, then I had to call in the big guns.

I’ve got a lot of little people with big personalities, and short attention spans. With that being said, here are ten things I use to keep my kids entertained for as long as humanly possible:

1. Dance Party!

Have y’all seen these DJ’s that have been doing lives on Instagram like DJ D Nice? I thought the idea was super cool, but not necessarily the most kid friendly DJ set in the world.

A more realistic idea for the kiddos, is picking some of their fave hits and blasting them for a good 30 minutes. Feel free to pick up the closest toy that works as a microphone and turn it into a serious karaoke session. Or even have a dance contest.

If your kids are a little bit older, then maybe give the winner of the dance off chore immunity for the day. That way you know they’ll be all in!

2. Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!

My toddler has an obsession (like most toddlers I’ve met) with bubbles. I will never understand the fascination, HOWEVER I will whole-heartedly indulge it if I can get five minutes of peace.

This one is easy. All you need is some type of bubble wand or preferably a bubble machine (less work for you) and an easily excited toddler and voila! Best Mom Ever!

3. Play-Doh Dreams

What do you get when you add a toddler, a quarantine, and nothing much to do?

Endless imagination!

Play-Doh is the perfect way to explore that! Before everything shut down, I was able to grab a couple of play-doh kits from Marshall’s, and currently my daughter is about to make pizza for all of us.

It’s always cool to follow the box and make cool things, but you can also just let their minds explore and create new things!

What they come up with could surprise you!

4. Building Blocks

One of the most basic things to keep kids busy is building stuff! Whether that be a castle, or a rocket, or a monster (?) my kids love to play with blocks.

My nine month old is a little too young to be building anything yet, but both of their favorite thing is knocking the whole thing over after we (I) spent hours it feels like building a super complex master piece.

Anything for the kids, right?

5. Chalk Zone

I feel like this list has a little bit of a theme at this point lol. In my defense though, there really isn’t THAT much a two year old and an infant can do around the house. Anyway, I digress…

When the weather is a little better than it is right now where I am, Kaia loves to play with chalk outside! I love it because it’s something I don’t necessarily have to clean up after, and I can even throw in a popsicle or two for all of us to enjoy, after we’re tired out!

6. Picnic

Speaking of popsicles, another fun activity is having a picnic in your backyard!

Switch up the routine for lunch time and let the kiddos get all their energy out, running around so they’ll be ready for *whispers* nap time! *wink wink*

7. Take A Walk

This one you should be able to fit a LOT into!

You can do I Spy, and have the kids point out things that are a certain color, or have them go on a scavenger hunt if they are a little younger.

They can ride a bike, or ride behind your bike, while you get some exercise after eating up all of your quarantine snacks. (mmhmmm…)

Bonus: If you find some interesting things on the trail, you can do art projects with them later! Which means letting the kids glue them to paper and cover them with glitter, but as long as their entertained the more activities the better!

8. Start A Garden

This is one I’m trying to put into effect since thankfully Home Depot is still open! Honestly, I would rather just order a kit online with everything included. I am planning on growing sunflowers, since I heard they are the easiest thing for kids to grow.

I’m planning on doing another article on the process of growing the sunflowers, however, if you want to buy the kit I’m using in advance, you can find it here.

You can of course do a larger or smaller plot, or even just grow something indoors. Either way, your kids will be amazed to see the end result!

9. Story Time

Transparent Moment: I feel like reading to my kids is one of the things I’ve slacked on the most. It always seems like there’s something else to be doing.

Being slowed down during the quarantine is making me able to make it more of a priority. I want to commit to reading at least two stories to my kids every day. I have an abundance of books around the house, so it should be easy!

It’s also a habit I want to continue even after we’re not on lockdown, because at the end of the day what’s most important is my relationship with my family and this whole mess has reminded a lot of us of that in the end. n

10. Worksheets

Have y’all ever seen the memes about black moms trying to teach their children simple lessons, and the kids not catching on quick enough. I’m trying my hardest not to let that be me lol.

I just genuinely do not have the patience for it. I truly tip my hats to all the teachers out there. You guys should all be millionaires and get to swim in champagne pools while being hand fed grapes for the rest of your lives.

However, we can’t send our babies to school right now, so I have to suck it up.

I just try to keep it extraordinarily simple and do one color and/or letter a day.

I was lucky to get some worksheets, and she works pretty well on them, however she is a toddler so we don’t get a lot done. I just try to reinforce the ideas all day in other ways like songs or educational videos and games. ABCmouse.com is really great!

Bonus: Potty Training

Y’all I’m preaching to the choir here.

I have made every excuse in the book not to have to potty train this child.

“She’s not ready!”

“What about my couch/rugs/floor/bed/etc.?”

It’s time now though, guys.

I’m not sure how I’m gonna do it, but I’m gonna come up with a game plan and get it done.

Y’all pray for me!

At the end of the day we’re all gonna make it through this time, and we’ll be on the other side back and better! In the mean time, enjoy the time with your family and if you’re out of ideas feel free to snag a couple of these or leave some in the comments of your own!

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