7 Ways To Enjoy Date Night At Home

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date night

It’s not always possible to leave the house for date night, especially at a time like this. Just because your social life is dead, doesn’t mean the romance has to be!

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the company of your significant other without necessarily going somewhere. 

Having the kids at home can definitely throw a monkey wrench in your plans, too. For this problem though, simply utilizing nap time or having a little after hours adult playtime will be an amazing retreat from the kiddos. 

I know it can be a little hard to come up with new and fresh ideas, but I’ve got your back with these 10 simple ideas for an indoors date night.

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1. Movie Night

This one’s a classic, and there’s a reason for it! Snuggling up on the couch watching a great movie is always a good time (or a good nap lol). Also, being that close up on your significant other can also lead to other good times *wink wink* Nobody said you had to finish the movie! 

grilled chicken dinner

2. Get Dressed Up For Dinner For 2

Once the kids go to sleep, make a special meal for just the two of you! I’m sure you two love each other unconditionally, but seeing anybody in a robe, house slippers, and a bonnet for a month straight can get old! Throw on your sexy red dress and some heels. Make him put on a suit, some dress shoes, and cologne. Light a candle! Play some romantic music. I promise it’ll be a welcome change from the routine!

couple doing karaoke

3. Karaoke Night

Grab a microphone, spoon, hanger, or whatever’s on hand and sing your heart out! Bonus: If you don’t mind sharing, the kids can join in on this one. The sillier the song the better!

couple playing board game

4. Board Game Battle

Nothing’s better for getting out a little of the frustration of the week than beating the brakes off of your husband in Monopoly or Uno! (Okay, okay, or vice versa) Raise the stakes even higher and make the loser have to do something like give the other a massage or cook dinner the next night.


5. Puzzle Night

Break out a bottle of wine and settle in to put together a puzzle! After all two sets of eyes are better than one. Bonus: Try to get through the whole puzzle without arguing once, and if you do then you can reward yourselves with takeout the next night lol

couple playing ps4

6. Game It Out

Turn on the Xbox or Playstation and go head to head in one of your favorite video games. You’d be surprised how killing some zombies can bring two people together! Plus, your husband will probably think it’s really hot when you hold it down in a super tense game! 


7. Do A DIY Project Together

Nothing brings a couple together like painting a room! Or doing some yardwork lol Get some of the stuff you’ve been meaning to get done, done! It never hurts to have company in the mean time!

Long story short, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy each other even when the situation isn’t the best, and you’re stuck in the house! I personally plan on coming out of this quarantine even more in love with my husband than I was before it started! Get back to the roots of why you truly fell in love with each other. Let me know how you guys are keeping it fresh with this quarantine being in effect!

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