8 Tips For Traveling With Kids During A Pandemic

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8 tips

With the pandemic going on, we’ve been spending a lot of time in the house! 

This past month though, we had a wedding and a graduation to be at in two different places a week apart!

Am I a bad person if I was so happy to get out of the house for a “vacation”? Lol

Traveling definitely looked a little different this time around though, especially with two kids for the first time!

Here’s some tips I’d give to somebody who has to travel during a pandemic after my experience:

hand sanitizer

1. Lots Of Hand Sanitizer

Anyone with kids would know, they touch EVERYTHING. Pandemic be d*mned! The only way to travel with peace of mind is to be ready to wipe them down every few seconds.

Kid with mask

2. Make Sure You Remember Masks For The Kids

Most restaurants and businesses I encountered were super nice about kids who didn’t want to keep a mask on. It’s always better to try to have them keep it on as much as possible for their safety. (Kids over two anyways, since kids under two are recommended not to wear a mask)

I tried to make it a game with my three year old, and get cute designs she’d actually like to wear. 

If all else fails, bring out the bribes!

Baby in stroller

3. Lock ‘Em Up

When all else fails, the easiest way to keep the littles from touching things is to keep them in the stroller as much as possible! 

When you’re going through the airport, take the stroller with you and gate check it. That way you can keep them as germ-free as possible through the airport which is definitely super gross.

4. No Touching The Kids While Out

If you’re going to family heavy events like I was, then it’s super important to tell everyone to keep their hands to themselves while every one is out and about! And when you’re all back home, make sure everyone has washed their hands before playing a game of pass the baby!

It’s especially super important to make sure people stay away from baby’s hands and face.


5. Have Pre-Wrapped Snacks On Hand

I tried to have pre-wrapped snacks on hand to avoid having them touch things at the airport that people have been touching. 

Also, a lot of the stores at the airport are closed, so cover your butt and make sure you don’t get stuck with a cranky snackless toddler!


6. Try To Avoid Hotel Pools (Unless Empty)

I’m not necessarily super anal about them being in the pool as far as the germs, but I hotel pools are super small. That means if other people are in there with you, then it’s really hard to social distance. Especially with kids!

Wash hands

7. Wash Hands Often

This one is pretty common sense, but I’ve been talking about everyone else! As the people who’ll have contact with your kids the most, make sure you’re being safe as well! Wash your hands often, wear your mask, social distance, etc.

Mom and Daughter smiling

8. Enjoy Yourselves!

We’ve been locked up for a couple of months now, so when you get the chance to travel enjoy it!

Stay safe, but live your life to the best of your ability! My kids had a ball, changing up the routine and I’m sure your kids will too!

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