8 Blue Maternity Photoshoot Dresses You’ll Love

blue dresses for maternity photoshoot article

Welcoming a baby into the world is a magical time, filled with joy, anticipation, and precious moments that deserve to be captured beautifully. Getting maternity portraits is the perfect way to preserve this special period in your life. And what could be more stunning than wearing a blue maternity dress for your photoshoot?

A blue dress symbolizes calmness, stability, and intelligence – a perfect color to represent the journey of motherhood. Let’s delve into some gorgeous options for blue maternity dresses that will make your photoshoot unforgettable.

Amazon: Affordable Blue Maternity Dresses for Photoshoot

Amazon offers a diverse array of blue maternity dresses for photoshoots. With countless styles, sizes, and shades of blue, it’s an excellent platform to find the perfect dress for your maternity shoot.

Smocked Mermaid Dress | HERE

This adorable smocked dress is a perfect choice for a summer-themed photoshoot or even a baby boy-themed photoshoot! It’s affordable and versatile, making it a must-have for capturing those precious moments.

Spaghetti Strap Body Con Dress | HERE

If you prefer a dress that beautifully accentuates your curves, this option is absolutely perfect for stylish moms like you. With its figure-hugging design and exquisite craftsmanship, this dress effortlessly combines comfort and style. It’s no wonder that it has garnered over 800 five-star ratings, making it a beloved choice among many fashion enthusiasts.

Club L London: Modern Maternity Dresses

If you’re on the hunt for mid-range priced, high-quality blue maternity dresses for photoshoots, Club L London should be your next stop. This brand is renowned for its elegant and stylish maternity wear, curating pieces that perfectly blend comfort with glamour. You’ll surely find a dress that enhances your glow in this significant period of your life.

Divine Time Dress | HERE

Capture the spotlight and create magical moments during your maternity photoshoot with a breathtaking dress that will steal the show. Immerse yourself in the elegance of its deep navy blue hue, which beautifully complements your radiant glow. The figure-flattering silhouette gracefully accentuates your curves, embracing the beauty of motherhood. With every click of the camera, you’ll be etching unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Phantasy Dress | HERE

Cowl neck dresses are currently a delightful and subtly alluring trend in maternity clothing. These dresses feature a gracefully draped neckline that not only adds an elegant touch but also provides a flattering fit for expectant mothers. The unique asymmetrical design of the dress further sets it apart, adding a modern and stylish twist. With its combination of comfort, sophistication, and trendiness, the cowl neck dress is a must-have for any expectant mother looking to embrace her sense of fashion during this special time.

Pinkblush Maternity: Biggest Variety of Blue Maternity Photoshoot Dresses

Pinkblush Maternity is another fantastic destination for mid-range priced blue maternity dresses. This brand offers a vast selection of blue maternity dresses for photoshoots, catering to various styles, and emphasizing comfort without compromising on fashion. It’s the perfect place for mothers-to-be to find their dream dress to flaunt in their maternity photoshoot.

Vintage Tiered Maternity Dress | HERE

Denim isn’t usually the first fabric you may think of choosing for your maternity photoshoot however that may be the thing that makes your photoshoot unique! If you’re planning for a vintage-style maternity photoshoot then the cut and design of this dress may be perfect for you. Paired with some cute sunglasses, white boots, and a far-out hairstyle, you’ll give the 70s a run for their money!

Satin Printed Wrap Dress | HERE

Wrap dresses are a classic and stylish choice for any occasion, and this satin printed dress takes it to the next level by adding flounce trim, making it effortlessly chic. The dark teal color adds depth and richness to the overall look, creating a stunning contrast with your glowing skin. This dress is perfect for an outdoor maternity photoshoot, as its flowing design captures movement and adds a touch of whimsy.

Mii-Estilo: High-end Specialty Maternity Dress Shop

For those looking to indulge in luxury and exclusivity, Mii-Estilo is the ultimate destination. This high-end boutique specializes in curated, specialty maternity dresses, offering a unique selection of blue maternity dresses for photoshoots. Each piece at Mii-Estilo is tailored with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring an unforgettable maternity photoshoot.

Cineraria Dress | HERE

Indulge in the allure of this exquisite dress! With its enchanting puffy sleeves and elegant mermaid tail, it is truly fit for the belle of the ball. The off-the-shoulder neckline, adorned with a captivating low v-cut, adds an extra touch of glamour. Let the drama unfold as you grace the occasion in this stunning ensemble.

Poppy Maternity Dress | HERE

This stunning dress is the ultimate choice for a classic and timeless maternity photoshoot. With its exquisite billowed sleeves that add a touch of elegance, a flattering mermaid silhouette that beautifully accentuates your growing bump, and a gracefully tossable train that creates a sense of movement, this dress offers a complete and perfect solution for capturing the precious moments of your extraordinary maternity journey. Whether you’re looking to highlight the joy and anticipation or celebrate the beauty and strength of motherhood, this dress will make you feel like a true goddess and create unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

The Secret To Getting Stunning Maternity Photos

Choosing the right maternity dress for your photoshoot can drastically affect how your pictures turn out. It’s vital to find a dress that not only looks beautiful but also makes you feel comfortable and confident. With these handpicked blue maternity dresses, your photos are sure to be a hit.

But the key to a stunning maternity photoshoot is to book with a photographer who offers a client wardrobe. At Jazmin Maybell Photography, we understand the importance of this special time and aim to make your photoshoot as stress-free and memorable as possible. With access to our exclusive client closet, you’ll have a plethora of maternity dresses to choose from, all in different styles to suit your unique taste.

Let us handle the details while you focus on the joy and anticipation of welcoming your bundle of joy. Book with Jazmin Maybell Photography and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.