How To DIY Maternity Pictures

As long as it feels, being pregnant is such a small part of your life and it’s over in an instant!  My biggest regret with my middle baby was that I had literally no pictures of me pregnant. I had just done the big chop and that combined with the pregnancy weight gain meant there […]

DIY Floral Letters

When I had my first daughter, we all shared a small room so I never got a chance to make her a gorgeous nursery. So, when we bought our new home right before we had my youngest, it was on. I spent countless hours figuring out exactly how I wanted the room to look.  One […]

Red, White, And Blue Wind Catcher Craft

With Memorial Day and Fourth of July fast approaching, a lot of us are starting to try to find holiday themed crafts! This was a really cute and simple idea to let the kids do some outdoor decor of their own. It only took about 15 minutes to put together and my daughter loved it. […]

Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

Spring is here, and with it is Mother’s Day!  Finally, all the mamas, grandmas, aunties, and everyone else who qualifies will be getting the appreciation we deserve!  Fellas, as much as she says she needs no gifts or thank you’s, I assure you that is not the case!  What I will say though, is that […]

DIY Gel Nails At Home!

With the whole quarantine thing going on, the beauty industry is taking a hit! Nail salons have unfortunately been shut down along with most of the rest of the United States. That shouldn’t get in the way of having a fabulous manicure though!  I’ve been doing my own gel nails at home for about two […]

5 Tips On How To Take Photos Of Your Kids At Home!

Let me start by saying that I am not a professional photographer. Like at all! I just got frustrated with being quoted an arm and a leg for pictures that I felt like I could take myself.  On the other hand though, taking pictures of kids is no joke. Honestly, to my kids, telling them […]

Taking Professional Pictures Of Your Baby At Home!

One of my biggest weaknesses as a new mom was saving money! With all the ADORABLE clothes, shoes, accessories you can buy for little girls, who really needs a savings account? Unfortunately, me. So, I had to figure out where to cut costs and what things were actual needs instead of really, really strong wants! […]

How I Make My Own Baby Food!

One of the biggest things I feel like people always want to jump down your throat about is what you feed your child. *sigh* Whether you’re breast-feeding, formula-feeding, table food feeding, or baby food feeding, organic or just regular degular shmegular, everyone’s a critic. Sometimes it can be a bit daunting deciding who you should […]