Date Ideas: When You Can’t Find A Baby Sitter!

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As we all know, Valentines Day is coming up!

It’s a day for fancy dates, chocolate, and (the most coveted) private time. Ah, what beautiful memories of when it was just two and going out was just an idea away. Now, unfortunately, things are a teensy bit harder to manage. It’s almost impossible when you can’t find someone to watch your little one! That’s where these cool ideas for date night, that baby can participate in, come in!

1. Dinner and a Movie

I know, I know this one is a little bit obvious. You’d be surprised how much setting aside a specific time for you and your man to enjoy each other can mean! One of you watches the baby while the other cooks, and if you plan it right, the baby may sleep through dinner AND the movie. A huge plus!

2. Backyard Party (Weather Permitting Of Course!)

Set up a blanket, lights, dessert and just chat! Talk about things you may not get the chance to anymore. Reconnect with why you’re in a relationship with this person in the first place. During the week it seems like all we talk about as couples is baby, bills, work and no fun stuff! Use this as a time to just relax and enjoy each other!

3. Go For A Walk

This one also seems simple, but if you live near a landmark or even a nice park, just go for a leisurely stroll. I know some of the best conversations I’ve had with my husband have been when we walked the trail near my house. There’s nothing to distract you and the movement of the stroller will usually put my baby girl to sleep. Think of interesting topics to bring up like: Three things that made you fall in love, If you only had 12 hours left to live, what would you do, and If you had three wishes, what would you use them for?

4. Game Night

If you’re a competitive couple (Like me and my husband) then this is the perfect date for you! Pull out your dominoes, cards, monopoly, whatever fits your fancy, and play the night away! You can always pause if the baby needs a little bit of attention! Keep score, and whoever loses has to do the least favorite chore or stay up with the baby for the night!

5. Team Up

If you know another couple who has the same problem then use a little bit of team work! Invite them over so your kids can entertain each other. An even better idea is to trade off weekends with them. Let them watch your baby, so you can have some alone time, and then return the favor for them on the next weekend! I mean it takes a village to raise a child, use yours!

I hope these ideas work for you! Everyone should invest in their relationship and make sure that a baby doesn’t come between the two of you!

Enjoy your date night!