DIY Gel Nails At Home!

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Gel Nail Tutorial

With the whole quarantine thing going on, the beauty industry is taking a hit! Nail salons have unfortunately been shut down along with most of the rest of the United States.

That shouldn’t get in the way of having a fabulous manicure though! 

I’ve been doing my own gel nails at home for about two years now, mostly because I’m OCD about my nails. 

There was always something I noticed that was wrong, whether they filed my natural nail down too low, or did an uneven paint job. It definitely didn’t seem worth the $45-$50 I had to pay every time I went. 

So, I learned how to do it myself!

For a fraction or the cost, and way less of a headache, I can now have a salon quality manicure at home any time I want! 

So can you!

What You’ll Need:

what you'll need



1. Put cuticle remover on cuticles of nail. Let sit for 30-45 seconds.


2. Use the cuticle pusher to gently push cuticles back and scrape off excess skin.

3. Wash hands with soap and water.

gel nails

3. File your nails into the shape that you like, being sure to file in one direction. 

4. Lightly file surface of nail.

5. Rinse nails with water only and no soap.

gel nails

6. Coat nails in pH bond/nail dehydrator.

IMG 9672

7. Coat nails with gel base coat.

8. Place under UV lamp for 30 seconds. (My lamp is upside down so it says 9 seconds in the picture not 60 lol)

IMG 9674

9. Coat nails with thin layer of ASP gel color.

10. Place under nail lamp for 30 seconds.

gel polish

11. Repeat for second coat.

12. Coat nails with gel top coat.

gel nails

13. Place nails under nail lamp for 30 seconds. (Sometimes I’ll cure the nails twice if the polish is on the thicker side.)

14. Wipe off nails with cotton pad and acetone.

gel nails

15. Coat fingers in nail oil and then massage into hands.

Voila! A beautiful instagram ready manicure! 

A huge bonus is that since it’s such a quick process you can do it without having to worry about letting your nails dry while trying to take care of the kids! It’s honestly the most convenient thing ever!

Let me know in the comments if you prefer salon manicures or to do your own manicures at home!

Also, if you guys are interested I have nail powders, to do chrome nails if you guys are interested in a tutorial for that. Let me know! 

gel polish
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