Father’s Day Gift Guide For The Tech-Loving Dad

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is fast approaching ladies!

I swear it seems like Mother’s Day was just yesterday, but now it’s time to make the men in our life feel just as special as we did.

My husband is a techie in every sense of the word, so finding him affordable gifts takes a little bit more creativity.

Here’s some ideas you can try out for the tech-loving dad in your life, for every price range!

$50 and under

1. Personalized Mug

personalized mug

For the dad burning the midnight oil to code up a masterpiece (or get another round of that rpg game in), remind him of the important things with this super cute mug!

Etsy | Starting at $22.00

2. Web Developer Dad T-Shirt

t shirt

For the web developer in your life, let him know how awesome he is with this super cool t-shirt.

Spreadshirt | $23.99

3. Personalized Father’s Day Book

personalized book

If you’ve ever wanted to get a tear out of your extra-macho husband, this is the way to do it! He’ll love reading this personalized story to the little ones, year after year.

Wonderbly | $29.99

4. Smart Plugs

smart plug

What better way to put your feet up after putting out virtual fires every day, than to have all your gadgets on smart plugs? He can have control of all of his devices, straight from his phone!

Best Buy | $24.99

5. Wireless Phone Charger

wireless charger

Sometimes, plugging your phone in is just too inconvenient! Especially after you’ve had a long day. Enter, wireless phone chargers! Just set your phone down and forget about it.

Amazon | $29.99

$100 and under

6. Amazon Echo

amazon echo

Yet another way to be hands-free! The Amazon Echo can control the lights, let you know when an Amazon prime package has arrived, or play his fave music. Definitely a perfect gift for the tech-obsessed.

Amazon | $99.99

7. A Smart Scale

smart scale

After a couple of years, sitting on your butt coding all day, a smart scale might not be so bad of an idea! Definitely make sure it’s something your hubby is interested in first, but nothing says I love you more than making sure you both are at your best!

Amazon | $79.00

8. Tile Tracker

tile tracker

My husband is CONSTANTLY looking for his keys, phone, or wallet! These bad boys can make all of that a thing of the past! Just attach them to whatever you’re always losing, and voila! You can track them via your phone, to see where you put them last!

Tile | Starting at $24.99

9. His Favorite Game

gta 5

I know, I know. For most mamas, the last thing you want to get your husband is another game! Today isn’t about us though lol, and it’ll be worth it to see his face when you give it to him!

Rockstar Games | $29.99

10. Lego Technic Collection

lego mustang

Bring out the big kid in your hubby again! You’d be surprised how much they’ll love putting what’s basically a super complex puzzle together! These aren’t your toddlers legos lol! 

LEGO | $99.99

$500 and under

11. Nest Thermostat


Yet another smart device to make both of your lives easier! Got a hubby with the night sweats, but you’re too tired to get up and turn the air on? Control the temperature in the house with your phone! And some power companies will give you the system for a discounted price!

Best Buy | $199.99

12. DJI Mavic Mini Drone

dji mavic mini

Drones aren’t just toys anymore! They can be really cool photography tools, and sometimes just relaxing to fly. Make your husbands day by adding another techie tool to his collection.

DJI | $399

13. Apple Watch

apple watch

When a watch isn’t just a watch anymore, some really cool things happen. Like being able to track your workouts, or answer phone calls, or set alarms! The possibilities are endless!

Best Buy | $429

14. Noise Cancelling Headphones

sony headphones

My husband has these, and can confidently say that they are the best noise cancelling headphones on the market! Definitely pricey, but worth it all day every day. Especially if you commute via train a lot or have noisy kids (when it’s not your turn to watch them).

Best Buy | $349.99

15. Oculus Quest VR Headset

vr headset

This one is fun for the whole family! Play realistic virtual reality games with this super cool headset, and feel like you’re in the game. Guaranteed brownie points with the hubby!

Best Buy | $399

Hope you left here with some ideas on how to spoil the great fathers in your life! Let me know if you have any other cool ideas to surprise dad in the comments! 

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