How To Handle A Surprise Pregnancy!

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The day I found out I was pregnant was a roller coaster of emotions!

I took the pregnancy test at night when everyone was asleep. It was so scary sitting in that bathroom, that I rushed through the whole thing. I waited for about a minute in a half, when slowly I started to see a faint, single line show up. Not pregnant. I was so relieved! However, something told me to keep it until the morning. I didn’t really have to pee when I took it so I thought I’d give it enough time to “marinate”. I woke up in the morning, and honestly completely forgot about it for a while. A couple of hours later, I checked it again and my heart literally dropped. There were two lines. I was pregnant!

I’ve never been so scared in my life.

I was 21! I had my whole life ahead of me! A BABY WOULD RUIN MY LIFEEEEEEEE! Haha as you can tell I’m a bit melodramatic! Then I thought, I had to tell my husband, who’d made it very clear that he wanted to wait a while to start having kids. I thought about all the stares and opinions I’d be getting from people who thought I was too young to even be married in the first place. Scary stuff!

I called the only person you can in a moment like that, my mom!

She talked me off the ledge that day and helped me to tell my husband. From there I realized that everything would *gasp* be OK! My baby was born and we adapted! I just always have a companion when I run my errands now! I guess I said all of that to say, that if this is your first or your seventh baby, relax and breathe! Everything will be ok! The world won’t stop after you give birth! You’re a strong mama! There will definitely be some changes and sacrifices, but I believe in you! And before you guys think I have a perfect life, I’ll have to write an article soon on postpartum depression. That stuff’s real guys! ‘Til next time!