Hot or Not? The Best And Worst Of Diapers!

An unavoidable purchase as a new parent is always going to be diapers! And lots of ’em. Whether they’re cloth or non-cloth, organic or bleached, babies unfortunately need these money guzzlers!

My advice is to find the best diaper price and quality wise and just ride the wave! Which diapers are the best you ask? Yeah, it’s not so easy to waste money trying out all different kinds of diapers until you find the right one! Soooo in my humble opinion, here are my reviews on the brands I’ve tried and which brand I think is the best overall!

1. Seventh Generation

This brand is fairly expensive as far as diapers go, and for pretty good reason. They’re organic with no added yucky stuff, and still have cute little designs on them! They honestly worked amazing for me when my baby girl was younger and she didn’t make as much of a mess. When she got to about 6 months though? Oh God. There was poop coming from every hole in those things. They honestly couldn’t hold a thing. I’m not sure if this was a problem for everyone, but it pissed me off enough to just leave those collecting dust in my closet. I’d say up until size 2 they work like a charm, and if you love the idea of having as little chemicals as possible near your little one’s private parts, then you’ll love these! If I had to rate these I’d give them a 3/5.

2. Luvs

Now, these are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. They’re more than likely the cheapest option, except for some store generic brands, and they’re definitely bleached and have all sorts of chemicals in them. They’re super popular though mostly due to the price. To be completely honest, I HATE them. When I put them on my daughter, they would leak with just a bit of pee! And when you would take the diaper off, her hoo ha was always all wet. They were terrible at wicking away all the moisture, which can lead to pretty tough diaper rash! I also had a problem with the fit. They would tend to be loose around the leg, which of course leads to more leaks! In my opinion, these would get a 1/5. I’d definitely not recommend them.

3. Pampers (Swaddlers)

These diapers, I honestly was a little bit more undecided about. They weren’t terrible, but they weren’t great either. I would have a problem sometimes with poopsplosions oozing out of the sides (lovely picture ain’t it…) but most times they worked fairly well! If I had to rate them I’d probably give them a 3.5/5.

4. My Favorite! Huggies Snug And Dry!

These babies are a must for me! They extend up her back and are tight enough around her legs, that I almost NEVER have an issue with an overflowing diaper! I’ve had some truly crazy poops out of this one and I can count on one hand the amount of times that I’ve had to change her clothes! Usually, it’s actually my fault because I didn’t catch it in time! Then when you factor in the price which is somewhere near $33 for 222 diapers…It’s an easy sale for me! If I had to rate these then I’d probably give them about a 5/5! These I’d easily recommend to anyone!

At the end of the day though, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you! Let me know in the comments what your favorite brand or if you’ve had a different experience with one of the brands that I reviewed!



  1. I tried every diaper I could get my hands on when my son was little. While he was in NB diapers I HATED all diapers except the cheap ole Walmart brand, parents choice, because they were the only ones that didn’t get stuck on his circumcision ring. Everything thing else pulled on the ring and made him bleed. After he out grew the NB diapers I eventually ended up using Pampers baby dry and cruisers. Those worked until we started potty training! Now I’m about to start all over again! Haha

    1. Oh no! Jeez, I bet that sucked! I had a hard time with my baby girl’s umbilical cord! The pampers were really great though for staying out of the way with that! I know though, isn’t it crazy to completely know one kid, and have to start out fresh with another little human! I’m so nervous for when I decide to have my second!

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