HOT or NOT? Evenflo Exersaucer Jump And Learn

It seems like as a mom, you’re always looking for safe ways to entertain your child with things other than you.

Recently, I purchased my baby girl the Evenflo Exersaucer Jump ‘n’ Learn. Honestly, I got it because there’s only so many times you can play peek-a-boo and still be considered a functioning adult! However, it’s also super nerve-wracking to take your eyes off of your toddler for more than a second. If they’re actually quiet and content, they’re definitely getting into something they shouldn’t. Whether that be pulling down the cake you just slaved over, or countless other fun headaches for mom! So, to me the exersaucer was a life saver!

It keeps her busy for hours, and there’s no way possible (yet) for her to get into anything she shouldn’t. A huge plus is that she genuinely loves it! It gives me time to get what I need done and still keep her stimulated in the mean time! I love that there’s high and low toys to keep her stimulated wherever she looks. The toys also light up and make noises! I’ve also found that she’s gotten the idea of bouncing, and her legs have gotten stronger! Which means that walking will come that much easier to her and she can begin cruising around the house! (Lucky me…)

It’s a bit pricey in my opinion, but who can put a price on sanity as a new mom? If you’d like to pick it up, then i’ll include the link here! You can also check out some of the other Evenflo products at any retailer near you that carries baby products.

Happy Parenting!

  1. I like to believe we all love our Babys & want to be the best parents as possible. I was actually getting ready to use Excersaucer and Walker when I came across your blog. So informative! Thanks.

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