How I Avoided Stretch Marks 3 Pregnancies In A Row

Stretch mark

One of the most annoying souvenirs that pregnancy can leave you with are stretch marks. 

Now before I even get into this article, stretch marks don’t take away any of your beauty or value mamas! With that being said, they are something that most women would like to avoid. 

I’m currently at the end of my third pregnancy, thank God! With all three of my pregnancies I’ve never gotten any stretch marks. 

Genetically, the women in my family do have stretch marks so I like to think that the fact that I’ve avoided them has something to do with my regimen.

bio oil

My holy grail product that I’ve been using since the beginning is Bio-Oil.

This stuff is magical and I use it every single day.

Usually I’ll take my bath and then slather this stuff all over my belly, hips, and boobies, and I kid you not I have not seen a single stretch mark. 

Another major key is the fact that I don’t gain weight super quickly during pregnancy. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I’ve had really bad first trimesters and lose weight because of morning sickness. 

Gaining or losing weight quickly can cause stretch marks, so that’s also something to keep in mind. 

As a whole though, stretch marks or not, you are beautiful!

Giving birth to a human is something no man can claim to be able to do and should be celebrated not shamed. We are superwomen! 

Jazmin Maybell
  1. I am having a hard time avoiding having a stretch mark during my 2 pregnancies but I am still happy because these stretch marks of mine are proof that I bear a little human in my womb and delivered it to the world.
    I need to share this product with my pregnant friend to avoid having stretch marks.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t able to avoid stretch marks. So, clearly all the Vitamin D and E lotion I used didn’t work. I’ll definitely share this with the expecting moms I know.

  3. I always thought genetics played a role in stretch marks. I only got them on my breasts but they seem to have faded over time.

  4. I didn’t know about things like this when I was having babies years ago. I definitely got stretch marks with every pregnancy – always at the very end when the baby was getting big fast!

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