How I Make My Own Baby Food!

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One of the biggest things I feel like people always want to jump down your throat about is what you feed your child. *sigh*

Whether you’re breast-feeding, formula-feeding, table food feeding, or baby food feeding, organic or just regular degular shmegular, everyone’s a critic. Sometimes it can be a bit daunting deciding who you should listen to, but I always say to just do what you think is best!

For me, that was making my baby girl’s food from scratch!

My daughter started to eat baby food when she was 6 months old, and I was feeding her Gerber food. She loved it, I loved it, it was a great time all around. My only complaint was that the jump from second foods to third foods seemed a little steep, at least for her, and I hated the flavor selection at my grocery store as she grew into second foods! They only carried either all fruits or all nasty vegetables that my daughter hated (i.e. peas, green beans). Walmart had a much better selection, but it was pretty far away and inconvenient to go to.

That all changed the day a friend of mine blessed my life with the nutribaby! It literally was the best thing that ever happened to me! Now I can make whatever flavors I want to and experiment with new things! I’m super new to this, but I do have a few tips on how to efficiently start making your baby’s food at home!

1. Write out your “menu” in advance.

If you just go into the store and just randomly pick out things that you think your baby would like, you’ll either end up super frustrated or with an empty wallet! Plan out in advance what they’re going to eat and try to pick recipes that reuse some of the same things so you can save that moolah!

2. Use a creamy fruit or vegetable to help the consistency.

This is just a personal preference, but I thought the berry centered foods I made looked disgusting the next day. They’d separate in the container and just generally form this disgusting looking jelly like thing. I found when I added avocado or banana, the foods were creamier and held better over the course of a few days.

3. Write the expiration date on the top.

With as much baby food as you’ll be cranking out, there’s no way you’ll be able to remember what day that food should have been tossed! I researched online and found that most homemade baby food should be thrown out by the third or fourth day, so I would write that date on the top of the container to avoid any confusion. Another quick tip is to use a white board marker, so you can easily wipe it off and reuse the top. You can also freeze baby food, I’ve read, but I haven’t actually researched to hard into it or tried it yet! Let me know if you have in the comments!

4. Buy small jars to store the baby food in.

The last thing you want to stress about is trying to figure out what to put the food in once you’ve made it! I bought these little mason jars at my local grocery store and got 15 of them for $9.00! You can find something similar here. They’re the best because they seal airtight, and they have a little section to write the date on top!

Hopefully this article made it a little less daunting to try to make your own baby food at home! Also, you don’t have to get a fancy schmancy baby food maker, you can use whatever blender you have at home! If you want the one I use, then check it out here! Best of luck to all of you mamas!