How I Survived A Midwest Winter With A Baby!

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Winter’s in Chicago are brutal! I’m talking bone freezing cold!

And this year seemed to be the worst winter yet! Matter fact we’re currently dealing with a fourth trimester type of winter now! It’s April! Snow should be illegal at this point! It makes you wonder though, how do you take your baby out of the house in bad weather? You don’t. Lock yourself up, and throw away the key. Just kidding! (sort of.)

In my experience, it really is best to try to stay in when the weather is crap, but when it’s bearable, it’s great for you and baby to get out of the house!

If my cabin fever is really hitting me hard, then the best places I tend to take my baby girl are places where we can be inside without bothering too many people! We’ll go places like Starbucks, breakfast restaurants, and the library! These are the best because guess what? Other moms had the same idea! The more moms in the same area as you, the more people who understand when your little one has a meltdown! A huge plus is that you get to fill your belly up in the mean time!

Another really great place to go is to a friend or family’s house! Especially if it’s another mom! She’ll probably be glad just to have someone to talk to! If it’s a family member, then they get to spend time with the baby which they’ll love and if it’s a mama/grandmama then you’ll still get your belly filled all up! It’s a win for everyone!

Sometimes the mall is a really great place to go as well, because the movement of the stroller will usually put your baby right to sleep, while you rack up on cute clothes and shoes for the both of you!

Honestly, at the end of the day though, I just took those days we were shut in as quality time with my baby girl. A lot of times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day and forget to just breathe and enjoy just spending time with these little humans! When you’re kind of forced to sit down and do nothing for a day, you really start to bond and fall deeper in love with the beautiful little baby you were blessed with!