I Tried Jo Cooks’ Copycat Cinnabon Recipe-Was It Worth It?

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Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

Any time we plan for a mall trip, we already know it’s going to include a trip to Cinnabon. 

Those gooey cinnamon rolls just do a little something to us!

My only complaint with them is how freaking sweet they are! I literally feel like I’m going into a sugar coma sometimes.

So I figured I’d try to make a copycat Cinnabon, so that I can control the amount of sugar in it. 

That’s how I stumbled onto Jo Cooks’ Copycat Cinnabon Recipe which you can find HERE.

cinnamon roll

What I Loved:

Honestly this recipe was better than the Cinnabon recipe!

It was a lot less sweet which was a huge plus for me. If you wanted more of gooey overly sugar saturated-ness of Cinnabon’s cinnamon roll then this recipe may not be right for you.

 It was super easy to make the dough! I’d say it took me a total of about 15 minutes.

The icing was amazing as well! It was super rich and just the right amount of sweet.

IMG 9934

What I Didn’t Love So Much:

You definitely need a stand mixer to efficiently make this recipe. It just takes too long to hand knead out the dough and mix in all of the ingredients.

Personally I felt like the rolls could have been a teensy-weensy bit flakier. They honestly weren’t that bad though. 

The recipe wasn’t super clear about how long to leave the cinnamon rolls in the oven for. It said it “could vary wildly” between 20-40 minutes. 

I started checking on the rolls at 20 minutes and they were still pretty undercooked. I think a good 30-35 minutes would give you a nice, browned cinnamon roll.

IMG 9943

Not even gonna lie, these were the bomb! I’d definitely recommend this recipe over all the cinnamon rolls that I’ve tried. Let me know in the comments if you like this new recipe reviews idea! I honestly only have but so many recipe ideas and hate the idea of copying other people’s ideas. I still love to cook though, and post food related content, so I thought this was a pretty great middle ground. 

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