I Waited 21 Years To Have Sex!

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It’s time for some girl talk y’all. 

Most people I talk to are so amazed to find out that I waited until I got married to have sex…and so did my husband!

I’ve answered all the questions like whether or not I got married so that I could have sex. 

Spoiler Alert: No.

Basically there’s a whole list of frequently asked questions that I get that I figured I’d answer here!

So let’s get into the juicy stuff.

Husband and Wife

How Did We Meet?

Finding a 21 year old girl who’s still a virgin in Downtown Chicago at college? Pretty tough.

Finding a 21 year old guy who’s still a virgin in Downtown Chicago at college? Darn near impossible.

Somehow we made it happen! 

I was going to Columbia College Chicago and he was at DePaul.

His aunt moved to Georgia with my parents for a new church when I was 2 years old! Lucky for us, she happened to connect with my mom on Facebook and they found out we were both at colleges downtown.

There weren’t many people in our area who had the same beliefs as us, so we ended up meeting up to hang!

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Why Did We Wait?

Honestly, it started out as a religious thing. 

For me, I’d been told my whole life that sex was taboo, and if I kept my virginity that God would be happy with me.

I thought that because I waited I’d be blessed with a perfect marriage, with a perfect house and perfect kids.

To be honest, it kind of became my identity. Literally it felt like I was like “Hi! My name’s Jazmin, and I’m a virgin.”

I’d been a virgin so long that I didn’t know what I was missing, so it was easy to avoid having sex.


Why Did We Get Married At 21 Years Old?

I feel like a lot of people assumed that we got married because we wanted to have sex! Honestly we’d been dating for a year and a half before he proposed.

We’d been living basically together for about a 8 months of that. We knew everything about each other!

We felt like we were ready to take the next step, and honestly couples older than us have gotten married in less time than that! And have happy marriages to this day!

wedding day

How Was Our First Time?

Y’all, I’ve never seen a bigger smile on anyone’s face, as the one we had when we left to go on our honeymoon!

I was about to get it in! Finally! The day I’d been waiting for my whole life!

I had some carefully picked lingerie all laid out and I swear I was ready to get it popping.

The first thing that went wrong, was I tried to put the lingerie on directly out of the shower. It took me a good 30 minutes to get that dang stuff on.

Then, the actual moment happened.

I almost passed out. That crap hurt!

Our first time officially lasted a good thirty seconds and I tapped out. I thought sex just wasn’t for me lol!

Luckily, we have a much better time now!

All in all, I think avoiding sex until marriage is worth it for a couple of reasons! 

1. You really get to know the person you’re with, without the distractions. Sex can cloud your judgement. You really need a clear mind when you’re making relationship decisions.

2. You get to mature sexually with someone you’re comfortable with. It’s probably embarrassing to explore sex for the first time with someone who’s more experienced than you and looks down on you for it! 

3. No baggage! No baby mamas, body counts, or STDs to worry about! Major key lol

Have any of you guys waited until marriage to have sex? Let me know in the comments!

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