Review: Is Peanut The Worst App I’ve Ever Used?

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As a new mom, one of the top complaints I’ve seen would have to be how lonely it is. Well, in comes Peanut, basically a Tinder for moms to meet!

The way it works is, the app shows you profiles of moms in your area with the kids close in age to yours. If you find a profile of a mom that you’d like to link up with, then you swipe up! If the profile doesn’t quite match up with what you’re looking for then you swipe down. Easy!

Peanut has come a LONG way since I first downloaded it, and some things are for the better and others are for the worse. We’re going to do a deep dive into all the app has to offer, and then you can make a decision for yourself!

First thing we’re going to dive into is the profiles themselves!

This is a picture of my current profile on the app! The first thing you see is, of course my name, and the city that I live in! (The city is blurred out, of course) This helps to find other moms that live close by you. You can choose to see moms that are between 1-65 miles away from you. I chose 10 miles because I’m not a fan of having to go on a road trip every time I want to have a play date.

Next up, you have a short biography about yourself, and what you’re looking for out of the app! I try to keep it short and sweet, because we’re all busy moms! Just like Tinder, you want to catch people’s attention fairly quickly and not write a whole essay.

The next three things are your kids stats, three cute little emotes that describe you, and all the adorable pictures you have of you and your little one(s). This is a great place to have some fun and show your personality!

The next thing on the app is the messages portion! I can’t necessarily show a picture of my messages lol, but this is where you can have conversations with the people that you match up with.

My personal favorite section on the app is the groups section. You can join groups specific to your area, or you can join specific groups like Trying To Conceive, or Pregnancy!

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I love when I have a question about something, and I can with seconds get responses from moms all over the world. Sometimes it’s as simple as making you feel like you’re not crazy when you’re experiencing some weird stuff with your kids.

If I had to rate the app, I’d give it an 8/10. That is mostly because of the groups aspect of it! Honestly, it’s really hard to get moms to respond to your messages. Even if they do, getting together for a play date has been darn near impossible for me. That also doesn’t really reflect on the app as much as the people using the app, so no biggie. However, if you’re going into it thinking it will be a magic cure-all for mommy friends, it may or may not work. I would say that it’s worth giving a try though! Let me know what your experience has been with the app! Did you love it or hate it?