11 Sexy Maternity Boudoir Ideas to Try During Your Shoot

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Ah, the magical journey of pregnancy! It’s a time of joy, excitement, and let’s face it, a fair share of bumps along the way. So why not celebrate this incredible phase of life in a way that’s completely unique to you?

Enter maternity boudoir photography – a fun, fabulous, and downright luxurious way to capture the beauty of your bump. In this article, we’re going to go over some of my absolute favorite maternity boudoir photoshoot ideas that will leave you feeling like the radiant goddess you truly are. 

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What is Maternity Boudoir?

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of maternity boudoir photoshoots! Your session will be like a mirror reflecting your most intimate, sensual, and radiant self. The goal of these shoots is to create stunning artistic images that celebrate your changing body. 

The best part about this whole thing? It’s all about YOU! Each session should be as unique as your fingerprint. With that being said, the clothing, background, and even who’s in the room should be completely up to you. Are you looking to drape yourself in lingerie? Cool! Do you prefer oversized sweaters or robes? That works too!

Your photographer’s main goal is to ensure that you feel as comfortable, confident, and sexy as possible.  While maternity boudoir photoshoots are built to show a bit more skin at their heart, it’s a celebration of you! 

Maternity Boudoir Ideas

Odds are you already have some amazing ideas you want to try for your maternity boudoir session, but if you’ve exhausted Pinterest and still need some inspiration, we have you covered. Here’s some ideas my clients have absolutely loved:

1. Sexy Silhouette

In my opinion, there’s not much sexier than a pregnant woman’s silhouette. Being able to trace all the magical curves of her body with light is so beautiful! It’s also perfect for moms who’d prefer to be a little more modest since you can be fully clothed for this look as long as it’s something that shows off your bump. You also have the option of being fully nude and embracing all of your body.

2. Fully nude

One of my favorite types of maternity boudoir shoots is a tasteful nude/fine art take on the typical photoshoot. We go through so much to bring new life into the world and our bodies grow in new and exciting ways. What better way to immortalize such an amazing moment in our lives than to remember every curve in all of its glory? It’s the one type of shoot that I wish I had with my children which is why I recommend it to all of my clients. Once again there is a huge element of trust with your photographer so be sure to find one who makes you feel comfortable enough to bare it all!

3. Wet Look

This idea doesn’t take much to execute but packs a punch. All you need is fabric or a thin dress/slip, a spray bottle, and a little bit of patience. I just spray warm water all over the dress (and sometimes the hair if possible) while it’s on mom and then try to move quickly. Not only can the water dry pretty quickly but it can get uncomfortable to sit too long in wet clothes. Having a space heater can help keep mom comfortable though!

4. Oversized Dress Shirt

I love how simply sexy an oversized dress shirt can be. Paired with a pair of pointed-toe pumps and maybe even some tights you’ve got yourself a grown and sexy maternity shoot for the ages. You can even dress it up or down with super glam accessories and big hair or dress it down to be barefoot with toned-down makeup and accessories. Either way, you’ll be the center of attention.

5. Fabrics

A quick way to feel plush and luxurious is by wrapping yourself in some luxurious silk, satin, and chiffon fabrics. Not to mention the ethereal vibe they lend to your photoshoot. The versatility of a few yards of your favorite material is unmatched with the ability to drape yourself in them alone or even create dresses or other works of art on your body with them.

6. Rock ‘n’ Roll Mama

Channel your inner rockstar with an edgy maternity shoot! Grab a motorcycle jacket, some combat boots, and killer shades, and have fun creating memories for the ages. Bonus points for adding Dad to the theme and rocking out together. Air guitar solos optional.

7. Vintage Hollywood Glam

Bring the glamour of Old Hollywood to your maternity boudoir shoot. Picture yourself draped in luxurious furs, fishnets, and dramatic jewels cascading down your body. And don’t forget the big Hollywood curls and maybe even a faux beauty mark if you want to live out your Marilyn Monroe fantasies. This classic and opulent look will absolutely transport you straight to the silver screen!

8. Garden of Elegance

Transport yourself to a botanical wonderland fit for a queen. Envision yourself in an indoor lush garden setting, complete with extravagant floral arrangements and soft flowing fabrics. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate backdrop to celebrate the creation of a life.

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Photo By Lola Melani http://www.lolamelani.com

9. Baroque Beauty

If you’re more interested in a Bridgerton-esque-inspired grand boudoir maternity theme then take a page out of the Baroque era. Think rich tapestries paired with jewel-toned dresses and opulent accessories that can’t help but make you think of a time of grandeur and decadence. You will absolutely be a sight to behold. 

10. Champagne Dreams

Let’s make a toast to the impending arrival of your bundle of joy! Picture yourself in a lavish bathtub, or your own if you have one, surrounded by bubbles, champagne flutes, and rose petals floating all around you. You can even take it to the next level with red lipstick, stain elbow-length gloves, a perfect updo, and lots of jewelry. The perfect celebration of life, love, and the promise of new beginnings!

11. Golden Goddess

*Cue “Golden” by Harry Styles* Channel your inner Cleopatra and adorn yourself with golden accessories. From bangles and headpieces to anklets and chest pieces and bask in the golden glow of luxury. Even your makeup can be golden and you can add shimmery body oil for a look that’s sure to turn heads. Your baby bump will be the center of an absolutely regal masterpiece. 

Bringing Your Maternity Boudoir Ideas to Life

There you have it, soon-to-be mama, all the luxurious and sexy boudoir maternity ideas that will leave you feeling like the queen you truly are. So go ahead and pick your favorite idea (or try them all!), and capture your incredible journey in style!

Once you’re armed with ideas that you love you can head on over to my contact page and book your maternity session! I can guarantee that you’ll leave your session feeling pampered and lightheaded from all the laughs and fun we have, not to mention the gorgeous photos you’ll have to cherish.