Pasta salad is one of my all time summer menu faves!

I mean what’s not to like? It takes like 15-20 minutes to make, it tastes amazing, and can be a cute dish to bring to summer parties!

And last but not least it pairs really well with a bomb barbecue. Also, I know a lot of people include fresh broccoli in their pasta salad, but I’m not a huge fan because it soaks up all the seasoning mix and gets really salty. Feel free to add whatever veggies you’d like to the mix though!

With that being said let’s get into the good stuff.


1. Fill a pot with water and begin boiling on high heat.

2. While that’s boiling, start preparing your tomatoes and cucumbers. I usually cut them in medium sized pieces. The tomatoes in fours, and the cucumbers in large slices and then into fours. 

3. Pour the rotini into the boiling water, and cook to al dente texture. About 10 minutes.

4. Once rotini is done, combine the with the tomatoes and cucumber in a bowl.

5. Add the seasoning mix and Zesty Italian dressing to taste. 

6. Set salad in refrigerator to chill. 

Voila! Your masterpiece is done!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite summer side dish is!

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  1. I love pasta salad! We are keeping it as simple as possible over here with the heat. A lot of salad and fruit!

  2. I don’t use tomatoes in my pasta salad because my husband isn’t a fan, but they look DELICIOUS! Sounds like I need to make a batch for myself.

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