Spotlight: 5 Amazing Black Fathers And Why We Appreciate Them!

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With all the tense race relations, I feel like this Father’s Day is extraordinarily important. Our black fathers deserve to be told how much they are loved and appreciated! 

My husband and I got married at 21 and found out we were pregnant about six months later. It was a whirlwind to say the least. It wasn’t in the plan to have kids that early, but he pulled through!

I couldn’t have picked a more caring, present father for my kids. Watching the way his eyes light up when he plays with the kids, or when he gets up in the middle of the night to make a screaming baby a bottle makes me certain that I made the perfect choice in a life partner.

This Father’s Day, I want to make sure that he feels 100% like the king that he is! No dirty diapers, or taking the trash out for the day lol. And maybe a couple of other surprises along the way. 

Don’t let us steal all the shine though! Here are a couple of other mamas who have amazing black fathers in their kids lives.

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Daynia S. –

What a time to be alive! I am so pleased to witness American History being made. Many are speaking out, and taking a stand to show that black lives really do matter. This Father’s Day, I plan to show my fiance’, that he truly is a black king.

I remember right before our son was born, he was on the website for one of his favorite clothing brands, using the ‘Create Your Own’ feature to design matching outfits for him and our baby. I don’t quite remember why he didn’t press the order button, but that has worked in my favor. For this his very first Father’s Day, I ordered the exact outfits he designed (after much covert investigations), and I’ve planned a picnic and photoshoot on the beach, for him and our son. I am proud of how well he has adapted to his new role as a father. As we strive to show the world that black lives matter, let’s also show the world this Father’s Day, that many black fathers are confidently and boldy present, and making an impact in their children’s lives, by celebrating them in whatever way we can.
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Alexia J. –

Black fathers get a bad rep. Society fears them and thus kicks them down until they are nothing. Dads are special too. We wouldn’t have our beautiful babies without them. Father’s Day is about celebrating those special dads and showing OUR appreciation. 

I am lucky to still have the father of my children in our lives. He helps around the house, mows the lawn, fixes things, helps with baths, meals and whatever we need. He is a supporter. He is an advisor. He is disciplined and organized when I’m not. He is honest and wouldn’t steer me wrong when it’s time to make decisions. 

I love Father’s Day because I like to do something extra special for him that I know he loves, CAKE. Every Father’s Day I bake him a cake or cupcakes. Now my decoration isn’t the best but the good taste is all that matters. He lets me know he appreciates it. He doesn’t ask for much so for him this is enough. But I have something else in store this time. A custom shirt that shows how much I appreciate him and what he does for this family.

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Alanda S. –

One of the moments I will never forget happened on May 22nd, 2013.  The day my husband became a father.  I will never forget the way he stared at our son sleeping his first night in this world.  He thought I was sleep.  I was not. 

 I witnessed the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  He got up out of his hospital sleeper sofa and stood over our son and stared at him.  He had love in his eyes.  I saw the promises he was making to our son. He did not have to say a word.  And he has kept that promise.  He has been an active example of what it means to be a husband, son, brother, friend and most importantly a father.    

Father’s Day this year is during a time that we’re praying and protesting for the literal lives of black people.  This year I will celebrate him by doing my part to help make sure he is able to simply breathe.  To be alive.  To continue to fulfill his promises to our son’s.  I will celebrate him by publicly declaring that he is more than a hashtag and denounce the false narrative of the “black father”.  He is here.  He is active.  He is supportive and supported.  He is to be celebrated! 

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Tanya T. –

Our family is looking forward to celebrating the head of our household on Father’s Day.  Sunday morning always starts with prayer, so this special day will be no different.  We will speak words of faith over his life, employment, and the desires of his heart.  We enjoy going out for breakfast together as a family, but if restaurants are not in the full-service mode, we will plan on making an epic breakfast together.    Since he is an architect by trade, so we are shopping for cool tech gifts online and things that he uses regularly but may need replenishing.  We love to walk as a family, and it’s our preferred mode of transportation when on vacation.  A neighborhood stroll will be nice after a meal.  

Although this day is the official day of recognition, we want him to feel appreciated regularly.  A day can’t go by without saying “Love you!”, giving a hug, or a peck on the cheek.  We express our gratitude in small things like tossing the spoiled milk, or removing clothes from the dryer to imply “Hey, I see you!”  We appreciate and respect him because he is a man of integrity.  He is an entrepreneur who protects and provides for his family.  He listens to and supports our ideas, and he enjoys spending time together (he would rather be at home than hanging with the guys)! There is a saying about men who grow up in a house full of women, he’ll either be spoiled, or he will know how to treat them.  We are glad he’s in the latter category!

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It’s truly amazing how strong the black family dynamic is, and that is what should make the news. Not learned mistakes, and negativity. Please, hug the fathers and all the black men around you extra tight and give them a little extra love. I don’t know where we’d be without them!

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