The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide For The Modern Mom

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

No I’m not talking about Christmas, either. 

It’s the day that us moms get celebrated for all the hair we’ve had to pull out over the course of one whole year.

All the sleepless nights, backbreaking car seat carrying (why is this not an olympic sport?), and temper tantrum filled outings. 

As a mom myself, I know exactly how that feels, which is why I feel like every mom should get her heart’s desires for mother’s day!

The most tried and true excuse for skipping Mother’s Day is always “I don’t know what she would like?’ (in my most whiny man voice *rolls eyes*) 

Well look no further! I promise you will find something for everyone on your list, and for every budget. Or heck treat yo’self! There’s enough Mother’s Day love to go around.

Here we go!

personalized mug

1. Personalized Mug With Your Baby’s Face

Help the mama in your life get her coffee fix with an extra dose of adorable on the side! All you have to do is send the owner of this super cute Etsy shop the picture you want of your little one and she does the rest! A guaranteed hit!

Etsy | $22.00

customized bracelet

2. Customized Bracelet With Your Child’s Handwriting

This one might be a tearjerker. One of the cutest ideas I’ve seen yet, and the kids can get involved! Have your little one write a sweet message to their mom, or aunt, or grandma, and have it printed on this super cute bracelet!

Etsy | $42.00

woman stretching

3. A Break (LOL)

Being a mom is NOT easy, so take some time out to give the mom in your life a minute to rest! Cook dinner, keep the kids quiet, get the house sparkling clean, let her lounge in the bed all day with all the snacks she can eat uninterrupted. I promise she’ll love you for it.


chocolate covered strawberries

4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

An aphrodisiac mixed into a thoughtful gift? What more could you want?

Edible Arrangements | Starting at $39.99


5. Candles

There’s nothing as relaxing as a candle burning in a nice, clean house! Extra points for the cute message on the front of this one! Remind your mom that you’re her favorite this year *wink wink*

Etsy | $12.99


6. Customized Tumbler

Does the mom in your life like to take her joe to-go? Well help her do it in style with these adorable customized tumbler’s from this etsy shop!

Etsy | $21.60

phone case

7. Phone Case

For the clumsy mom, a phone case is a necessity! This is the one I’m rocking right now and it is absolutely gorgeous! It’s also pretty dang affordable! Definitely a must buy.

Target | $16.49

2 1

8. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Now, that you have the mugs and the tumblers, something has to go in it! Enter the Keurig. Making your morning cup of coffee has never been so easy. You can also grab K-Cups from a lot of your favorite coffee shops or make your own! 

Keurig | On Sale For $99.99

8145W1xPhbL. AC SL1500

9. T-Fal Signature Titanium 12-pc. Nonstick Cookware Set

What do you give the woman who makes sure there’s food on your table for dinner? Better pots and pans! I hate using crappy cheap pans that the food sticks to and that peel super quickly. This set performs super well, and the nonstick is amazing. 

Kohl’s | $99.99


10. Cozy Bathrobe

One of the main things everyone wishes they could take with them from their hotel room is those amazing bath robes! Well look no further, because this bad boy is amazing! Made of the coziest material known to man, this is the robe you want to relax in!

Snowe | $100


11. Cozy Moccasins

You need some footwear to go with that bomb robe, don’t you? Well these baby’s from L.L Bean are like walking on clouds! Especially perfect for when the temperatures drop again in the winter!

L.L Bean | $79.00

amazon echo

12. Amazon Echo

Because what more does a mom want, than someone else to boss around? It can tell you the weather, remind a forgetful mom of things, or even play your favorite song for a jam session. 

Amazon | $99.99

woman working out

13. Subscription To A Workout App

PLEASE, and I cannot stress this enough, PLEASE make sure this is something the mom in your life is interested in before springing it on her! At the end of the day though, most of us aren’t super secure in our bodies after having our babies. Things change, unfortunately. This app though matches you with a personal trainer online, to help you get back on the horse, and back to a body you absolutely love, if not better!

FutureFit | $150/month

ipad pro

14. iPad Pro

For the on-the-go mompreneur, having portability and functionality is of the utmost importance! A laptop isn’t always something you want to lug around along with diaper bags, your phone, your kids, etc. The iPad has a lot of the same functionality with less of the footprint. It can slide right into most diaper bags, and boom you can still get your work done!

Apple | $799

coach purse

15. A Cute Summer Cross body Purse

Every woman wants to look their best during the summer, and one of the perfect accessories is a cute cross body! They’re small enough to be out of the way, but there’s so many different looks that you can make a statement! This one is a great pick for the fact that it’s pretty neutral, but still pops!

Coach | $395

I hope these were helpful! Now, I’m off to subtly hint at my hubby to check out this list lol! Let me know in the comments if there’s anything you would add!

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