Visiting The Georgia Aquarium During A Pandemic

After being stuck in the house for three months, we finally were able to do something fun! 

We ended up visiting Atlanta for my sister’s wedding and to celebrate my daughter’s 3rd birthday. One of the top things on my list for the kids to experience was the Georgia Aquarium.

The Aquarium was always one of my favorite places to visit when I was a kid and being able to bring my kids was pretty cool, not gonna lie!

There were definitely some kinks in the trip though, due to it being during a worldwide pandemic going on. Here was our experience!

Tickets, Parking, And Entering

The tickets were full priced, even though some parts of the museum were closed, which was kind of annoying, but I get it! Be prepared to spend $32.95 per person over the age of 3. Lucky me, my daughter turned 3 the day before we went lol!

Also, to limit the amount of people in the aquarium there are a limited amount of tickets, and you must make an appointment basically to come. 

Honestly, I didn’t hate it, because it was super easy to have the kids see the exhibits with it not being a million people there as usual. 

On the actual ticket, it said the only entrance open was the Education Entrance. After waiting there for a minute or two, thankfully someone told us that this entrance wasn’t open and we had to use the main entrance. 

There was a pretty decent crowd trying to get in, and they did a pretty good job at social distancing, but we definitely weren’t all 6 ft away from each other, which was pretty much the story through out the aquarium.

Inside The Aquarium

What Was Open: 

  • River Scout Exhibit
  • Cold Water Quest Exhibit
  • Ocean Voyager Exhibit
  • Tropical Diver Exhibit
  • Aquanaut Adventure Exhibit
  • Bathrooms
  • Food Court (seating was relocated to a larger area to allow for social distancing)
  • Gift Shop
  • Swimming With Whale Sharks

What Was Closed:

  • Pier 225: Sea Lion Show
  • 4D Funbelievable Theatre
  • Dolphin Celebration
  • Touch Tanks

Like I said, because they are limiting the amount of people in the aquarium, it was so easy to get my kids up close and personal to see the exhibits!

My oldest was literally in awe the entire time! I loved seeing her face light up when she saw all the fish swimming in front of her. 

Fair warning though, the big wall in Ocean Voyager, may be a little scary for first timers, because from up close, it really feels like you’re in the ocean! It took my daughter a few minutes to warm up to it.

Was It Worth It?

Absolutely! My daughter had a blast, and with less crowds I felt like it was pretty safe. 

The aquarium is requiring masks starting July 1st for all visitors over 3, so there’s even another level of protection when social distancing gets a little dicey! 

If you’ve always wanted to make a trip then now is the time. Let me know in the comments if you visit and how you liked it!

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  1. I appreciate all the businesses that are requiring masks and social distancing! The Georgia Aquarium is on our bucket list, because it the biggest!

  2. My husband has been here before (on a bachelor trip to ATL) and loved it LOL We went to our local one and my son loved it (at 9 months), this was before COVID though. We recently went to the zoo.

  3. I am always amazed at how much the tickets to the aquarium have gone up. It’s price and I think it’s with at least one visit. Glad your kids for to take advantage of seeing everything without the crowd. I am originally from Atlanta so I would go all the time when tickets were not as expensive.

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