We’re Having A…Boy!

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Well the news is out guys!

We’ll be welcoming a beautiful baby boy to our family in March. I literally don’t think I can explain to you guys how excited I am! I absolutely LOVE my girls, but I’ve always wanted to see a mini version of my husband running around.

I was honestly super nervous like a week before the ultrasound appointment because this is the first time I genuinely cared about what the gender was. 

The last two times I found out the gender I was just curious. I literally would have been fine either way and just wanted to have a healthy baby.

This time around, I’m not ashamed to say that I was beyond ready to have my boy!

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How We Found Out:

Since I just had to get pregnant during a pandemic, my husband couldn’t come to any of my doctors appointments including the ultrasound. 

Because of that we decided to go ahead and book a private ultrasound since this was more than likely our last. I really wanted him with me when I found out the gender either way.

The night before our appointment, I literally could not sleep. I feel like it’s so scary feeling like you know what gender you’re having in your gut, but knowing you could be totally wrong and disappointed. 

Obviously, either way I’d love my baby, but gender disappointment is a real thing that no one should be ashamed of. Just take your day or two to have a pissy attitude and then keep it moving mama! *rant over*

When we got to the ultrasound place I was about ready to pee myself I was so nervous. My husband was trying to act like it wasn’t a big deal, but I think he was even worse than me lol. 

The ultrasound technician was such a sweetheart and taking her time showing me baby’s heart, umbilical cord, face, hands, literally everything but between the legs. Eventually, we gave her a little hint and asked her to get to the good stuff lol. It felt like the few seconds it took her to find the gender took forever. Finally, she asked my husband “okay dad, what’s the gender?” and we were both too scared to say anything. 

After a few moments, she answered for us saying “It’s a BOY!” I literally could have fainted. I just remember grabbing my husbands hand, and saying “we did it!” Literally, the look on his face was worth a whole trimester’s worth of morning sickness. 

Everything after that was a blur, but a happy one!

We can’t wait to meet our little one in just a few short months. Now if anyone has any dang boy name suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments! Girls names seem so much easier to come up with.

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