What’s In My Diaper Bag? (With A Baby And A Toddler)

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What's in my diaper bag

When I had my first baby, packing my diaper bag was a headache!

It seemed like I was always forgetting something, and inevitably emergencies would happen.

Then my daughter got older, and I hardly had to even pack anything in my diaper bag. 

Life was simple.

Then I decided to have another kid. Lol.

Packing a diaper bag with two kids is a whole ‘nother beast! 

I think I’ve nailed down the perfect recipe though, and haven’t been caught slacking since!

1. Changing Pad

IMG 9841 1

You haven’t seen gross until you’ve seen the changing tables in public restrooms. Ew. 

One of my favorite, and most used as you can tell, things ever is my changing pad! It keeps my baby’s butt from ever touching that thing.

Would you ever sit your butt on a bare toilet seat in a public bathroom? No. So, neither should your baby! 

2. Diapers


I think this one is self-explanatory!

I promise you, if you leave the house without diapers, the worst possible diaper blowouts will happen. It’s scientifically proven.

3. Sunscreen


To be 100% honest, I never used to wear sunscreen, and I still don’t! I know, I know, I plan on starting.

My kids on the other hand, have to have it! Especially my youngest.

The last thing I want to deal with is two cranky sun burnt kids. So, I bring this stuff everywhere in case they just happen to spend some extended time in the sun.

4. Bribes


I never go anywhere without ’em! 

These are my meltdown-free outing guarantees, right here. They’ve gotten me through some really sticky situations. (no pun intended)

5. A Change Of Clothes

IMG 9845 1

I’m currently in the process of potty training my oldest, so a change of clothes for her is a must!

My youngest is just a teething slob kabob so she soaks literally everything she comes in contact with!  

I make sure that they’re both comfortable with an extra set of clothes.

6. Socks


Never know when an impromptu bouncy house opportunity might happen.

Or maybe you’re at chik-fil-a and your kid zeroed in on the tubes.

Either way, being sos (sh*$ outta socks) is not the position you wanna be in mama! Believe me, the meltdowns aren’t worth it!

7. Formula Canister

formula canister

This is one of the greatest things ever invented. 

It basically comes with four different compartments where you can premeasure out up to 6 oz. of formula in each. 

It makes it so easy when you’re out and about and the baby is starting to get a little hungry. 

To make it even better, it’s mess-free! You just rotate the top and dump out the 6 oz. into the bottle, and add water.

8. Wipes


Wipes are the answer to everything!

Kids had a blowout? Wipes can fix that. Spit up on your shirt? Wipes! Out of makeup wipes? Soak your wipes in micellular water and boom!

Bonus: A Freshly Cleaned Bottle

Don’t be like me and walk out of the house with a dirty bottle, assuming that you’ll get around to cleaning it before they need it.

You won’t.

Then you’ll have a screaming hungry baby, while you take 10 years to thoroughly clean old milk out of a bottle.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little sneak peek into what I lug around all day! Let me know in the comments what you have to have in your diaper bag!

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