As an on the go mama, one of the quickest things to become super messy and frustrating is your diaper bag. It seems like over a couple of weeks, your super organized bag starts to look like an something a hoarder would be proud of.

One of the things that I have learned is that the less you have to lug around, the better. I try to keep no more than ten things in my bag at a time, which of course rarely happens, but I can try! These are a couple of the things that I can’t leave the house without!

1. Formula Dispenser/Bottles/Bottled Water

This thing is a life saver! It’s got four compartments that hold 6-8 oz. of formula in them, then you use the bottled water, and voila! Baby has a fresh bottle!

2. Finger Snacks

If you’ve ever tried to keep a 9 month old busy without them, I salute you. It’s impossible for me. It’s something about those baby puffs that calms her right now, and gives me a few minutes of sanity while I’m out in public.

3. Change Of Clothes

In a perfect world, no one would need this one. Baby’s poops and throw ups would stay contained, and not ruin that adorable outfit it took you an hour to get on. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. I ALWAYS travel with a set of clothes for her and me! The couple of times I forgot weren’t pretty, believe me.

4. Toys

This is one it took a couple of hard lessons to figure out as well. Baby + Non-Kid Friendly Place + Boredom = Mama Losing Her Mind. Bring the toys guys.

5. A Set Of Diapers And Wipes Strictly For The Diaper Bag

I’m serious. Don’t use them for anything else, because you will inevitably forget that you used the last diaper yesterday at home, and you will hate yourself.

6. A Changing Pad

I don’t even want to use public bathrooms, so why the heck would I want my baby to lay on a bathroom changing table bare booty? No thank you!

7. Your Wallet, Keys, And Phone

This one I think is pretty self-explanatory, mama gotta have her necessities too!

Every thing else I feel like is optional, but I really try to keep it strictly to only what I really need! Good luck out there mamas! Also, if you want to know what diaper bag I use, you can find it here!

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