Wheel’s Up! What I Never Travel Without!

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As we all know, traveling can be a LOT. The security, baggage, making it to your gate on time (or at all…). Now, add in a baby. *cue the inevitable breakdown*

Traveling with a little one is no joke! My daughter has currently been on 6 flights, and I have to tell you, it doesn’t get easier! However, what can help is being prepared for whatever may happen! Here are 5 things I NEVER travel without and make my life a million times better!

1. Ready To Go Formula

You’ll of course have time to make never ending bottles of formula in between wrangling everyone to your gate, right? No. The answer is absolutely not. God forbid you get to the airport before any of the restaurants or kiosks open. Yeah, those ready made bottles come in real handy! I personally use enfamil infant formula, and pack about six 8 oz. bottles (if i’m flying domestically) just to be safe! It’s also helpful when you arrive to your destination, since you never know if you’ll have time to stop for supplies!

2. Portable Changing Pad

Airports are disgusting, and their bathrooms are even more so! If you even have time to make it to a bathroom when they poop right as your boarding group is being called. Changing pads essentially turn any surface into a changing table and keep it and your baby sanitary! A cool thing about airplanes too, is when you get to your seat there’s usually a bag you can store dirty diapers in until you land, if you have to change an emergency diaper while onboard!

3. Stroller And Car Seat

I know, I know for a lot of people this one may seem obvious, but it’s essential! When you’re taking your little one to a brand new place, it’s best to have as many familiar things as possible, I’ve realized. Plus, you’ll know how to work everything and keep from adding the extra stress of trying to figure out how a new stroller unlocks! An added bonus is most airlines let you check your stroller and car seat at the gate! So, when you’re going through the airport you can keep all the things you’ll be trying to juggle in the storage underneath your stroller!

4. Power Bank

If you have an older baby, then odds are some form of electronics will be a lifesaver at the airport! What happens if it dies right as you board though? That’s where these babies come in handy! You can usually plug in more than one device and it can charge them up to 100% in most cases! They’re super easy to find too, and most airports even sell them!

5. Snacks

Nothing, and I mean nothing is as good of a distraction as snacks! When a meltdown is just hitting peak annoyance, a fruit snack or veggie puff can work wonders! Just make sure it’s not super messy, because who has time to clean that up!

Bonus: If You’re Breastfeeding, A Breastfeeding Cover Is A Must!

I wish the world was a little more progressive on this point, but unfortunately a mommy feeding her baby is news to everyone! If you’re like me and you’d just rather not deal with the stares, then a breastfeeding scarf or cover will definitely be helpful! Airports usually have areas for breastfeeding moms, but not every one has the time or the ability to drop everything to use one! If you could care less about what people think, then you go girl! Do you and whatever makes you comfortable!

Hopefully some of these things helped you out a bit! Happy Vacationing!