When To Take Maternity Photos For Best Results

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Are you eagerly expecting a tiny, bundle of joy and wondering when to do maternity photos? You’re not alone! Do you wait until you’re about to pop so your belly is in its full glory, or do you schedule your maternity photoshoot a bit earlier to avoid that ‘ready-to-explode’ look? In this article, I’ll give you some guidelines on the best time to take your maternity photos. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bump-y ride!

When Is the Perfect Time To Take Maternity Photos?

I always advise my clients that the ideal time to schedule their maternity photoshoot is between 29-36 weeks into your pregnancy. This is typically when you feel the most vibrant and full of energy, as the second trimester brings relief from morning sickness and first-trimester discomfort. By this stage, you can relax and enjoy the photoshoot, knowing that early labor pains or unexpected arrivals are less likely to be a concern.

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It’s important to keep in mind that these guidelines are not set in stone. While the recommended timeframe for a successful photoshoot during pregnancy exists, it is also completely possible to have a memorable session slightly before or after this timeframe.

When To Do Maternity Photos With Multiples

For those expecting multiples, it’s recommended to schedule your maternity photoshoot a bit earlier in your pregnancy. This is due to the higher likelihood of early delivery and the fact that your body is usually growing more rapidly than a woman who is only carrying one baby. Twins are often born before 38 weeks. So if you’re carrying twins, the best time to do maternity photos would be between 22 and 26. This allows you ample time to celebrate your beautiful baby bump while ensuring you have the energy to shine during the shoot!

When To Take High-Risk Pregnancy Maternity Photos

Before scheduling your photoshoot and deciding when to do maternity photos,, it is important to consult with your doctor if you have been identified as having a high-risk pregnancy. Once you have received clearance, you may consider booking your session slightly earlier, taking into account factors such as the reason for your high-risk status, your comfort level, the possibility of early delivery, and the potential need for bed rest.

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Can I Do My Photoshoot Before 29 Weeks?

Although it is not recommended, you are the best judge of your own body and can certainly have a successful session before reaching week 29 of your pregnancy. When it comes to when to do maternity photos, there is no universally applicable solution for a maternity photoshoot. Different women can have different experiences throughout each trimester. The primary objective of your photographer is to capture and accentuate your adorable baby bump.

It is possible that your bump may have become more prominent earlier in your pregnancy compared to other women, or perhaps you are among those whose baby remains hidden until delivery day. You can decide what works best for your body and if you communicate with your photographer, they should have tips and tricks for making a shy baby bump look more prominent!

Can I Do My Photoshoot After 36 Weeks?

As I mentioned previously, everyone’s body is different! However, there are several different reasons why it’s not recommended to schedule maternity photos after 36 weeks:

  • Mom’s Comfort Level – As the journey of pregnancy progresses, reaching the 36-week mark brings unique challenges to capturing the perfect poses for a maternity photoshoot. The growing belly and physical changes may require more creativity and adjustments to achieve the desired shots. However, with the right guidance and expertise, even at this stage, beautiful and memorable maternity photographs can be captured.
  • Surprise Baby! – When deciding when to do your maternity photos, keep in mind that scheduling your maternity photoshoot after 36 weeks of pregnancy runs the risk of having an impatient baby arriving earlier than expected, which could potentially disrupt your carefully planned photoshoot. It’s important to consider the timing and ensure that you have ample time before your due date to have a fun and successful photoshoot.
  • Bed Rest/Hospitalization – One potential drawback of scheduling photos late in pregnancy is that if it’s not one thing, it’s another! For instance, your doctor may determine that you require ample rest and/or a visit to the hospital to closely monitor the well-being of your baby. It’s important to be prepared for such possibilities and prioritize the health and safety of both you and your little one.

If you, like me, occasionally experience the effects of mommy brain, rest assured that, apart from the examples mentioned above, you can still have a wonderful maternity photoshoot even in the later stages of pregnancy. It may require a few adjustments to ensure your utmost comfort, but it can be just as successful and memorable.

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When Should I Schedule With My Photographer?

Now that you know when to take your maternity photos, the next step is to consider when to start searching for a photographer and scheduling your photoshoot. Typically, it is recommended to begin your search during the second trimester or after your 20-week anatomy scan. However, keep in mind that this timeline can vary depending on the photographer. Similar to high-demand daycares, some photographers may be booked several months in advance, so you may want to secure your booking earlier to ensure availability.

Concluding Thoughts On When To Do Maternity Photos

To summarize, the best time to take your maternity photos is typically between 29 to 36 weeks into your pregnancy when your energy levels are generally high and your baby bump is visibly prominent. If you’re expecting multiples or have a high-risk pregnancy, it’s advisable to schedule a bit earlier. Individual differences do exist, and it’s possible to have successful shoots before or after the recommended timeframe, depending on your comfort and health status. Finally, it’s recommended to start searching for a photographer during your second trimester, considering that some photographers can be booked months in advance.

As always I’d be delighted to invite you to Jazmin Maybell Photography for your unforgettable maternity photoshoot. My team is excited to capture this special chapter of your life, preserving the beauty and magic of this precious time. To begin creating the photoshoot of your dreams, simply visit our contact form and send us a message. We will provide you with all the necessary information and details. Prepare to strike a pose and showcase your stunning baby bump. While pregnancy may present its challenges, capturing breathtaking photos should not be one of them!