Why I’m Scared To Be A Boy Mom

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About 17 weeks into my third pregnancy, I found out that I was having the baby boy that I always wanted! 

I had literally prayed for a son since I had my second daughter and was so extremely excited when the technician told me it was a boy. 

Honestly though, right afterwards I just got really scared! I’m one of 4 sisters and one brother. And I’ve only had girls. I started to wonder if I’d even know what to do with a boy for a couple of reasons.

Diaper Changes

I got so used to girl diaper changes and all of the quirks that go with that. I’d definitely consider myself a diaper extraordinaire! Boys on the other hand I don’t have nearly as much experience with.

Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of golden showers, and apparently newborn baby boys can have a bit of morning wood too? Why is that even a thing? 

And don’t get me started on circumcision care…(of course that is your personal decision whether or not to get that done or not.) There just seems to be so much going on down there as opposed to my girls.

Potty Training

I’ve literally just handed this one off to my husband lol. 

Hair Cuts

I tend to stay FAR away from barbershops. They just seem so intimidating! I’m definitely the type of person to do a drive by drop off and pick you up when your done.

I definitely couldn’t do that with a 2/3 year old, so I’ll just have to brave the awkwardness to get my boy a fresh shape up when his dad can’t make it. The horror! 

Dealing With The Kids' Curiosity

Naturally, kids are curious creatures. I’m sure it’ll come up soon that little man’s “equipment” is a little different from theirs. 

Y’all I’m not ready for that conversation. At all. 

I didn’t realize how easy I had it before. 

No Hand Me Downs

I didn’t realize how many hand me downs my second daughter had! Poor baby…Her baby brother on the other hand literally needed a whole new wardrobe! I literally have a good 30 bibs in all different shades of pink that I might as well just kiss goodbye at this point. 

Obviously, I’ll be fine and get the hang of things, but it really is so interesting how different your kids can be! As a sales person at buy buy baby put it, girls are the sweetest thing ever. But a mommy and son relationship is it’s own beast. She didn’t know how much that meant to hear that. 

I’m so excited to see how much bigger my heart can grow with three gorgeous kids!

Let me know in the comments if you were nervous to have your girl or boy!

Jazmin Maybell
  1. I just became a boy mom last year, and it definitely was different in many ways! The diaper changes you get used to – I always keep a pee-pee tent like an old washcloth or another diaper handy for when he accidentally sprays 🙂

  2. Oh I feel ya! I always thought I wanted a boy and a girl (boy first). But then I had a girl first. I LOVED having a girl and then didn’t want to have a boy. Our second child is a girl too and I was SO happy! If we go for #3 idk! I want a boy but I’m still scared of having one!

  3. I had a girl first and a boy second. They are so very different that’s for sure. But it’s been so fun to have one of each too. Nothing like a mama and her son!

  4. I just had my son 6 months ago and felt this same way before he was born. You’ve got this mama. having one of each is going to be so much fun.

  5. I became a boy mom on my second child and it was totally a different experience from my first child but I was successfully handled it and I am sure you too.

  6. Honestly when we found out we were having a boy I was so excited. I am terrified to have a girl. If we have another baby and it is a girl I’m not sure what I would do.

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